Tower of strength in close working partnership

Dviation Group and Malaysia Airlines Berhad signs agreement to collaborate on the pooling of resources including manpower, tooling and equipment as well as technical training services. This collaboration will benefit both parties by leveraging on each others strengths as well as foster a closer working relationship amongst the local players in the Industry.

As part of the agreement, Dviation’s manpower unit will provide MAB on-call engineers and technicians to support its extensive network of Line Stations in the region. This arrangement will benefit MAB by optimizing its manpower strength leading to lower operating cost. In return, Dviation’s maintenance arm will be able to tap on MAB’s tooling and equipment support when the need arises.

Furthermore, both MAB and the Dviation Group are able to co-share resources in technical training to expedite further the lengthy and costly process of training the nexgt generation of skilled workers for the aviation industry.

More to follow..

Oct, 2016