Dviation Group and MAHB to set up MRO facility in Subang Airport

25 May 2021, Sepang – Southeast Asia’s first MRO facility that can handle the full life cycle of aviation assets will be set up in Subang Airport through a collaboration between Malaysia Airports and homegrown global player Dviation Group of Companies. The new facility offers end-to-end aftermarket services including maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), aircraft teardown, aircraft material recycling and parts trading. Another initiative of the Subang Airport Regeneration plan, it aims to elevate Malaysia’s competitive landscape by building partnerships with internationally recognised Malaysian-based aviation solution providers. The new facility will further strengthen Subang Airports’ position as a preferred MRO hub in the region as it has the potential to capture a significant part of the USD3,635 billion aftermarket services market share in Asia Pacific (APAC) in the next 20 years for Malaysia.


According to the Head of KLIA Aeropolis of Malaysia Airports, Randhill Singh, “Based on the latest report by the world’s largest aerospace and aviation company, Boeing, APAC is expecting the highest aircraft deliveries at 41% of total deliveries globally in the next 20 years. That makes out to be approximately 17,500 of aircraft deliveries that include narrow body, wide body, regional jets and freighters. The aftermarket services market size for Asia Pacific, on the other hand, is also expected to capture the largest market share at 40% of the total globally. We are seizing the opportunity and fully committed in growing the aerospace and aviation industry for the country. Our Subang Airport Regeneration initiative will ensure the presence of a holistic and future fit ecosystem to serve the APAC market. We are more than pleased to enable local companies to expand their value offerings and serve the regional market.”


“Moreover, when an aircraft retires after around 20-25 years in service, an estimated 85% to 95% of its weight can be recycled to ensure proper disposal and we can also take advantage of the many high-quality components it is made from. This multidisciplinary process that involves different aspects of economics of aircraft and improvement of environmental performance presents new opportunities here in Malaysia,” Randhill further added. This collaboration is built upon the foundation of Dviation’s expertise in technical training and manpower solutions in aviation, and other related approved trainings. Furthermore, it presents opportunities to strengthen the aerospace ecosystem which will result in increased skilled labour for the industry.



The Dviation Group is a homegrown specialised aviation solutions provider, offering comprehensive and bespoke solutions covering the life cycle of aviation assets from acquisition, through to end-of-life. The organisation’s core business units specialise in providing aviation consultancy, technical training, manpower solutions, fleet technical management and aircraft maintenance services. Headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia and Zug, Switzerland, Dviation’s presence spans across Asia, Europe, and Middle East. Dviation is poised to be one of the fastest-growing aviation solution providers in the SME category – making them an ideal partner of choice for Malaysia Airports.


“We are indeed honoured to participate in this collaboration with MAHB as we continue expanding our services in line with the needs of the aviation community. In particular, we have taken an interest in championing environmental sustainability in the aviation industry. Hence, this ambition of Malaysia Airports to promote the country as Asia Pacific’s hub for MRO and aerospace ecosystem is especially timely with our growth plans for aircraft teardown and recycling activities. With an estimated 12,000 aircraft retiring in the next two decades, and a significant portion of this being aircraft based in Asia-Pacific, we believe that setting up a dedicated teardown facility fits well within our portfolio and at the same time, serves as an ideal platform for the aviation community in this region to help reduce environmental footprint,” commented Ts. Kevin Teoh, Group Managing Director of Dviation Group.

May, 2021