Dviation Approved as Nation’s First Independent CAMO

1st November 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The Dviation Group is pleased to announce that it has recently been approved as the first independent, non-AOC affiliated, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) for the commercial jet category including Boeing B737-800 type catering to commercial airliners and operators in Malaysia. The approval, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), authorizes Dviation to operate as a full-fledged independent CAMO allowing aircraft owners and operators the flexibility to outsource CAMO duties to Dviation.

The role of an independent CAMO is to assist operators in upkeeping the state of airworthiness of the aircraft.  “Airworthiness” is the measure of the extent to which an aircraft (or one of its component parts) meets its design standards and is in a condition for safe operations.

Marketed under the brand name “FLITE” or short for FTM-light, the Group’s latest capability provides comprehensive fleet technical management (FTM) solutions targeting the growing number of small to medium sized operators in the region. Dviation’s new service offering will benefit industry players as they are able to realize significant reduction in monthly overheads via outsourcing of such labour-intensive activities.

By offering a transparent fixed monthly fee per month, FLITE’s modular and subscription-based pricing model provides an aircraft owner or operator the flexibility to pay-as-you-grow, thereby freeing up critical resources to focus on its core business activities.

FLITE’s subscription service include a scope of pre-defined activities which are offered as a standard package across all different aircraft categories, from single piston engines right up to large commercial jetliners. This scope of services includes AD monitoring & compliance, Aircraft Maintenance Program upkeep, Maintenance Planning and Reliability monitoring & reporting amongst others.

Dviation Technical Director, Ir. Razali Bin Idris, quipped, “This prestigious approval put us on par with the big boys insofar our capability to perform and manage the aircraft’s  airworthiness is concerned. While we strive to include other aircraft types, from the flying schools to the mega carriers, be rest assured that we are equipped to provide aircraft owners and operators a cost-effective, hassle-free and quality upkeep of aircraft airworthiness. Here, we’ve got your back!”

“We are extremely honoured and thankful to CAAM for granting us this new approval and entrusting the Dviation Group with the responsibility of ensuring continuing airworthiness activities are performed to the highest standards in-line with CAAM’s stringent regulations. At the same time, the addition of this capability is part of the Group’s mission to promote the growth of the aviation industry in-line with the National Aviation Blueprint and as such, we are excited to be able to contribute our expertise for the benefit of relevant stakeholders and industry players alike”, commented Ts. Kevin Teoh, Group MD.

FTM/CAMO is one of the five business units under the Dviation Group. With operations spread across the ASEAN region and in Europe, the company specializes in aviation consultancy, training, recruitment, maintenance, and FTM/CAMO. For more information, visit


Nov, 2019